We are recruiting!

We urgently need japanese/chinese translators, typesetters and reliable cleaners.
We have A LOT of scanned manga, just waiting for someone to translate.
At the moment, Kayoru Scans has only one translator, Ryu no Mai, who does an awesome job.
If you know japanese/chinese or have experience in cleaning/typestting, please consider joining us!
No problem if you’re not fluent in english. We have proofreaders.
Please, we need your help!
We also accept joints.

E-mail us at kayoru@live.com

Kaname Étoile ch2 will be out this week.


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First Release: Kaname Étoile – Ch1

Welcome to 華夜 Scans (Kayoru Scans)!

We’re a new group with few members, so if you are able to help (translate/clean/typeset/proofread), please comment on this post.
We have a lot of scanned manga since our raw provider has subscriptions to many shoujo magazines. Those mangas are just waiting for someone to translate it.

Our first project is Kaname Étoile.
Hope you guys like the manga and thank our staff who worked hard on this release!

Kaname Étoile – Chapter 1


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